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Look Dope. Be A Hero.

This COVID-19 rollercoaster has been a nightmare but we’re all in it together. And we’re working toward brighter days. By sporting Vaccine Club gear, you’re promoting COVID-19 safety and vaccination with your friends, family, and the public.

The Saving The World Part

We believe that moving beyond this crisis means supporting outreach and providing resources to vulnerable and marginalized populations. Vaccinating rural communities is critical to getting our lives back to normal. Learn more here, here and here.

That’s why a portion of each Vaccine Club purchase goes toward these two nonprofits:

CORE: Administering vaccines to rural areas. Vaccine Club backs CORE, a nonprofit helping to vaccinate individuals in remote parts of the country, as well as those struggling to access vaccines due to technological, financial, and mobility issues.

Team Rubicon: a relief organization that deploys military veterans to assist in disaster recovery, is also using its logistical savvy to bolster vaccination efforts.

CEI: Educating skeptics about appropriate vaccine risks. We support CEI’s amazing work to help demystify the science behind vaccines and promote confidence in vaccination.

We are always open to working with other organizations inspired by similar missions.

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